Go Travel bundle including Snoozer pillow, Ear plugs and sleeping mask

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Go Travel bundle including Snoozer pillow, Ear plugs and sleeping mask

Great bundle that includes all great travel essentials.

Ear Plugs
Reusable and carried in a hygienic carry case, these earplugs are the ideal solution to keep the noise out if you're planning to get your head down. Probably also very useful if you're off the Grand Prix or if your partner's snoring is driving you insane. (three pairs)

* 3 Pairs of re-useable ear plugs
* Super soft memory foam
* Re-useable hygienic travel case
* Composition = foam

Snoozer Pillow
A description probably suited to your travel companion, so you may as well join them with this clever little invention. The Snoozer is an inflatable travel pillow that fits snugly around your neck and has a patented flat-back design

* Inflatable travel pillow
* Flat back design prevents head falling sideways
* Includes: matching carry case

Sleeping mask
Shut out any light and any unsightly travel partners with this deluxe sleeping mask. The earplugs, which are also included, makes for hours of uninterrupted sleep on any long journey. Bliss.

* Deluxe sleeping mask
* Fully adjustable, one size fits all
* Includes free set of earplugs
* Composition = polyester

Established in 1978, Go Travel is a design led travel company that specialises in innovative travel accessories with over 340 products in the market today.

Including adaptors for all around the world, towels, pillows, hair dryers, wallets, camera cases, locks, tags and specialised products for more remote areas of the world, Go Travel is the affordable way of taking your creature comforts with you every time you travel.